BTS released their latest album last month.

I’ve been dying to write this review about BTS, my fellow enstudyantes. Luckily, I have the time to sit in front of my laptop and give you my music recommendation for this month! I’ve been loving BTS these past few months. When I first listened to their music Blood, Sweat and Tears, I knew at that time that I will love them. Haha.

Fortunately, they released their latest album “You Never Walk Alone” last month. This album receives a lot of love all over the world and dominates the top Charts like Billboard and the album ranked No. 1 on the World Albums chart. Amazing!!!!  I didn’t buy the physical album but I downloaded it and I love it! <3

I listened to every single  song in this album before I go to sleep, when I’m going to school, or even when the professor is not around. Hahaha. I didn’t write an instant review about this because I want to really familiarize the songs first and make sure that I really love it before I recommend it to you guys.


BTS Reveals Track List For “You Never Walk Alone”

It has 18 tracks and there are 4 new songs I think? I love listening to Jin’s  Awake before I go to sleep because it calms me.And I love it’s meaning. The part where it say’s

“Maybe I, I can never fly
Like the flower petals over there
I can’t become like those with wings
Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky
But I want to stretch my arm
I want to run just a little bit”

Wow. I am living. I love it.


Jimin’s Lie is a little bit dark for me I guess but I still love it. I love their solo tracks!


I am listening to Not Today when I’m feeling down. And it makes me want to dance because of the beat! It’s so good! OMG! You should listen to this song when you’re tired because your professor is giving you so much work to do. It’ll definitely make your day! And the music video is lit!

Watch: BTS Surprises With Intense Teaser Video For “Not Today” MV

I also love their song ” A Supplementary Story: You never walk alone”. I feel like their talking to me. haha

“Will you walk with me
Will you fly with me
To the edge of the sky
So we can reach each other
It hurts so much but
If you and I can be together
I can laugh”

Yeah, we will never walk alone. haha

“Ayy I never walk alone
I can feel the warmth in your hand that I’m holding
Ayy you never walk alone
Feel me, you are not alone either”


My favorite part in their song “Outro:Wings” is this:

“I will have an unconditional faith
it’s time to be brave
i’m not afraid
Because I believe in myself
Because I’m different from before
I won’t cry about the path I’m going
And I won’t put my head down
That place will the sky
And I will be flying, fly”

We should always believe in ourselves right?


But Spring Day is my favorite. This song, I am crying when I first listened to it. But the moment I watched the music video in a 42 inch TV, up close, I’m done. SERIOUSLY! It was an emotional, rock-infused balladry type of song. And the meaning of the song is to die for. I love Suga’s part where it says:

“Honestly I want to see you
But I will forget about you now
Because it hurts less than
Hating you”


V’s part is the bomb when it says

” You know it all. You’re my best friend.

Morning will come again
Because no darkness and no season
Is eternal”


Watch: BTS Drops Beautiful Teaser Video For “Spring Day” MV

How can they write these beautiful lyrics!

I am so happy because BTS will be performing here in Manila on May 6-7. I know PH Armys are so excited!


Or Happee hour



Overall, I love the album! Listen to it guys! Please watch out for BTS. Their music and their performances  are so great. Music can be an inspiration and sometimes, it’ll give you the hope that you need. For me, it has no boundaries, whether the lyrics is in korean or english or japanese, it’s the same. It is written with love. 🙂 That’s it! Till my next post! Bye!

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