Camera used: Sony NEX-5r
Travel ing is so much fun, right? Experiencing different cultures and traditions of those places you’ve visited. And looking at the most breathtaking landscapes! Tasting the foods you’ve never eaten or you’ve never seen! Haha. (If you know what I mean). We want to take pictures of it. I mean, EVERYTHING! Creating memories only in your mind will never work for a long period of time. So we always bring with us our DSLRs or our smartphones so we could capture those enjoyable and fun moments.
However, no matter how exciting and fun traveling can be, it is also exhausting. So it is very important to pack only the most important and the lightest things and somehow your DSLR is not included from that because it’s so big and quite heavy. And you think your smart phone is enough to take pictures of those beautiful graffiti wall? Nah! You surely need a high quality camera! Luckily, there is one in the market that is so light yet a high quality camera.
Whether you are a professional travel photographer or just a traveler, this camera is the best for you!
The Sony a5000 E-Mount Camera with APS-C Camera sensor
Here’s why! 😉
1. The Sony a5000 E-Mount Camera with APS-C Camera sensor is the lightest interchaengable-lens digital camera!
You can definitely bring this camera anywhere in the world plus you can change the lenses! You could definitely feel like a traveler and a professional photographer!
2. Pictures are not enough!
When traveling, taking pictures are not enough, right? Sometimes you want to capture everything in motion. Fortunately, the Sony  a5000 E-mount Camera is here to help us!
By just pressing the Movie button you could have your HD videos. You could look back on those moments vividly!
Choose a fast 1080/60i setting for super-smooth action  scenes, or slower 24p5 to get that traditional scenematic look. And it is in AVCHD format.
3. Share those images and videos in One-Touch
After all the fun, you would definitely check your pictures and you’ve got hundreds. I had this experience with my family, when we went to a trip to Pangasinan and Baguio, we take so many pictures and end up trying to get our own photos to put in our smartphones. It takes so much time, right? But you could easily share those pictures using Sony a5000 E-Mount camera to your Android smart phone and tablets through its built-in Wi-Fi and NFC! Amazing!
4. The Perfect Selfie
( Perfectly composed self-portrait)
This is actually my favorite feature of Sony a5000 E-Mount. You know that feeling when you want to be in the picture but you can’t because you need to be the one taking it? Or you take a selfie using your smartphone but it’s not that high quality? Or you have your DSLR , you take a picture of yourself (using your tripod because you are traveling solo by chance or solo by circumstance) but you look tired and you couldn’t edit it instantly? Well, all your worries will be gone when you use the Sony a5000 E-Mount Camera. Simply flip the LCD screen up and fine-tune the composition!
  • It also has the Soft skin Effect to smooth out any wrinkles or dullness!’
  • It has Face detection and Smile Shutter.
  • And the Auto object Framing,  you can crop your shot without loss of quality. Thanks to By Pixel Super Resolution Technology and Exmor Sensor.
5. Your Photo at its Best with Picture effect
  • Soft High Key Picture Effect
  • Gives you that dreamy look

  • Pop Color

It creates a vivid look by emphasizing color tones.

  • Miniature effect
  • It gives a new perspective.

You could even add new features to your camera
  • Multiple exposure
  • Time-Lapse
6. Capture One Express (for Sony)
I like RAW pictures more than jpeg because it capture all image data recorded by a sensor when you take a photo. And Sony a5000 E-Mount Camera has one of the best RAW converters, and that is the Capture One Express rendering precise colors and precise detail.

7. Works With iMovie and Final cut
Finally, you could edit your videos through this editing softwares because this product is compatible with these.

Other feautures that I like:


So that’s it my fellow enstudyantes, I give you 7 reasons why Sony a5000 E-Mount is the best camera for your next trip!
You can click the link below for the price, full features and  specification.
Thanks Yugatech for the oppurtunity!
That’s it!
You could share your travel pictures in the comment section below! Till my next post! BYE!