Trends are everywhere this days and as a girl in her teenage year, you want to try them all. Unfortunately, I don’t have a job and all I have is my baon.

But there’s a solution!!!! Thrifted clothes!

Remember that it’s not easy. It takes a lot of time to find a perfect piece, but it’s worth it.


Portra 160++-106

This denim on denim outfit only costs me P140 from bottom to top, except the shoes.

They say denim on denim is a tricky beast but I see a lot of stylish celebrities rocking this look so here you go.

A branded denim jacket will cost you around P1000 to P2000 pesos but I got this for only P40 pesos. ( I can’t believe it myself, either!) I am not familiar with the brand but I like that it’s soft and not heavy, great for the weather here in Manila. In short, “hindi ka mukhang ewan kasi hindi ka pagpapawisan”.

Denim Jacket: P40


Natural Panic Collection


Top shirt: Uniqlo P40

A t-shirt from Uniqlo will cost you around P600 but I got it for only P20

Denim Mom jeans: P60

Portra 160++-130

Portra 160++-126  Tip: Don’t wear a denim outfit that’s all the same weight or wash. No to too matchy-matchy.
Portra 160++-131

Denim jacket: P40

T-shirt: P40

Mom Jeans: P60

Total: P150 YAY!



That’s it! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look good. All you need is confidence! Fighting! <3


Photo by: Sebastian Cruz