I always believe that whatever you wear, it’ll never be complete without a good pair of shoes that will match your outfit. It can make or break your ootd! For those enstudyantes out there who don’t have to wear uniforms at school and suffer from “I have nothing to wear” syndrome, this blog is for you! I’ve broken down these 5 pairs you need that will match everything in you closet!

  1. Classic White Sneakers

Thrifted, P350, Primadona Lace up Sneakers P1,399

Get yourself a pair of white sneakers because it matches with everything.  You can wear it  with your slouchy button-down and jeans, a casual floral dress, to your classic denims, even with your skirt! You’ll never go wrong with these and trust these babies when you’re in a rush or late for class.

16229260_245088899277025_6081075522450751488_n                                     primadonna-3972-657163-4

I prefer sneakers with simple design like Primadona’s, I bought it last December 2015 and I still have it up to now. These shoes are just undeniably comfortable and has become my everyday shoe. I also love that its a platform at the same time so they’re giving me an extra inch.

2. Ballet flats


When you want to look clean but not too casual, you could go with these. It gives a bit of polished vibes. I want to wear it with a black skinny jeans and a striped T-shirt or a simple dress for simple occasions and events at your school or even when your applying for an internship. I prefer black ballet flats or brown because of its wearability.

3. Minimalist Sandals


SM Parisian P599

Use it casually or when you’re planning to go at the beach with your classmates. It matches all occasions plus it’s very easy to wear – pair it with your favorite shorts ( like Koreans do) or wear it with your denim skirt. Some even wear cute socks with it. I like these pair of sandals from SM Parisian because of its simple design and I don’t feel like I’m barefoot so its very comfortable.

4. Running shoes/ workout shoes

running shoes

Zalora P849

First of all, I don’t work out. LOL! I use this at school when we have activities and events to do. I bought this because I was inspired by how Koreans style this piece, neomu yeppeo!! <3

5. High Heels

Every girl needs a pair of high heels to boost her confidence and are grest for church,work, parties — you name it. I recommend to always go for black and nude pair so it’ll be easier to match with your outfit but if you want to be a little bold, you can have something with  a different color or design.

I really love this strap design high heels from Parisian because it is very trendy right now and is affordable, great for college students!

high heels

That’s it guys! I really love shoes more than anything. LOOOL! Get yourself one of these pairs and rock it on the runway or the hallway! Remember, You’re pretty! Annyeong! <3