These people are my favorite vloggers and my  inspiration. I started this blog because of them.

1. Jenn Im (@clothesencounters)
She is definitely my style icon. I remember back in 2013, I did got a new phone at that time and I was searching for a make up tutorial for prom and then suddenly a video pop up about a girl who lost 10 pounds.
It was so out of the blue, right? But after that, I fell inlove. Her contents are so great—from fashion to beauty, make up tutorials, styling tips, thrifted clothes, her #WWJW (what would jenn wear). Everything is amazing! Her contents are so original and sincere. I definitely got my style from her because all she does and wears just works. But more than that, I know that she’s a good person. I get so emotional because she’s gonna be married soon and I feel like I watched her grow as a youtuber and as a person. I’m so happy for her. And after that video in 2013, I didn’t miss a video of her. And by the way, she’s  uploading a video every sunday. Love you jenn! (I hope you could read this in the future.)
Youtube channel: Clothesencounters
Twitter: @imjennim
Instagram: @imjennim
2. Joan Kim (@joankeem and @joanday)
Joan Kim has 2 accounts in YouTube,  Joankeem (her main channel) and Joanday. She is from South Korea. In Joanday, she uploads everyday and my day is not complete without watching her everyday blog. She do reviews about beauty products and make up, monthly favorites, styling tips and more. And if you want to see  Seoul, you should definitely subscribe to her channel. She goes to Myeongdong, Hongdae, Gangnam, Garosug-il, Time Square (definitely, I don’t know where that is but she’s always there getting her facial. Haha). Those cafes she’s been to are so aesthetically pleasing (I want to go there someday). And she likes Jenn too so that’s amazing. And let’s not forget her brother, Abe. Hi Abe. Haha
Youtube Channel:
Instagram: Joankeem
Twitter: @joankeem
Moving on!
3. Edward Avila
This vlogger is a Filipino but he’s in South Korea. I love him because he is so hella FUNNY! But aside from that, he do make up tutorials, he shares his skincare routines, vlogs his life, GRWM videos,  just everything under the sun. By the way, her beauty product reviews are the best! His a close friend of Joan Kim and some times do collaborations. They’re the best when they’re together. His videos are so raw and unique in a way with his different facial expressions that’s why I love it so much!
Youtube Channel: Edward Avila
Instagram: @edweird0
4. Michelle Dy
Michelle Dy is my favorite youtuber here in the Philippines. Make up tutorials at its best. (At its best momshie, like mo to please. 😂) Her videos are so entertaing, maybe because she’s an Ilocana, I can relate, plus I can understand her when she speaks in that dialect. I love it when she’s with momshie ronan (mamatay ka sa tawa 😂). She do hauls, make up challenges, Bagong Padala and a lot more. Her videos are so great!
Youtube Channel: Michelle Dy
Instagram: @michelledyy
Twitter: @michelle_dy
5. PONY Make up

If you want to learn about Korean Make up, then you should subscribe to Pony. From daily make up tutorials to make ups that you can rock on the runway, you could definitely find the look that you wanted in her channel. She’s best in her make up transformations. She’s known for her Taylor Swift (13million views)  and Kylie Jenner(3.6 million) transformation. She’s giving basic make up techniques to advance so it’s worth it. My favorite video is her  Natural Make Up Tutorial . Though she speaks Korean, her video has English Subtitles so you don’t need to worry about it.
Youtube Channel: Pony Make Up
 These vloggers inspired me a lot with their videos and contents. I started blogging because they inspired me a lot. I figured out what my passion is because of them. Thanks to them, I am encouraged everyday.
I encourage you now to find your passion. Look around you, it may be the most simple job in the world but if you put your heart in it, it can be the most beautiful job. (I hope that will happen to me as well)
I hope you could visit their Youtube Channel and tell me what you think about it.  That’s it my fellow enstudyantes, till tye next post!