We, Filipinos, are used to have a very simple skincare routine- cleanser, toner and moisturizer. That’s it! But because K-drama and K-pop become a thing here in the Philippines, we started to have interest on how they are achieving that glowing skin. It’s  called the K- beauty trend. The problem is that, it is really hard to find it here.


Luckily, we can now find it at the nearest watsons branch. I have 5000 worth  of products from watsons, thanks to Shimmerjjang.com and these are what I’ve got.

Sheet Masks


23 years cocoon willow silky mask, 23 years old Badecasil Dermaseal, 23 years  Air-Laynic Pore MAskPororo masks, XILIX, Purederm foot masks 189 pesos, SNP The sound of your heart sensation masks

Sheet Mask will always be a part of korean skincare. It targets specific skin problems from your pores to your dull and aging skin. You’ll get great results when used religiously. Luckily, there’s a lot of good and affordable brands that you can find at Watsons. I use this when I’m tired and doesn’t have time to do my skincare routine. Just slap it on your face and your good. Just remember that you should just put it on your face for about 10-20 minutes so that your face will be able to suck all the moisture.

Make-up Remover

make up.jpg

It is very important to remove your make-up before going to sleep and should be a part of your skin care routine. It will remove the dirt  and impurities you have on the surface of your skin (dirt and impurities will break you out!). I need to use make-up wipes even though I don’t put a lot of make-up on my face because of the pollution here in the metro.

Product: Purederm make-up remover cleansing towelettes

in Argan Oil and Vitamin 99 pesos

Purederm Soft and Mild Make-up Remover Pads

( I will do a review about these so stay tuned)

Quick FX


(No-shine mattifier 89 pesos , sunblock SPF 50 PA +++ 130 pesos, CC cream 89 pesos , Pimple Eraser 89 pesos

This brand is one of my favorites because it is very affordable and convenient. My favorite is the No-Shine Mattifier. It is good for oily skin and acts as a primer before putting on make-up. I also tried their eye cream and it is very moisturizing.  I also recommend their sunblock because it’s SPF 50 PA+++, great for the summer! Plus, it’s also travel friendly because it comes in a tube.


I also got some products for my nose, nails and again, for my eyes. LOL.

Product: Watsons nose pore strip Jeju Volcanic Ash

Purederm Moisture and Nourish and Fingernail Mask

Purederm Collagen Eyezone Mask

Purederm nose pore strips “Aloe”

I love this facial mist from SNP because it refreshes my face when it looks a little tired and dull.


Purederm Spot reducer gel patches around 100 pesos, quickFX pimple eraser, COSRX Ultimate moisturizing overnight mask around 600 pesos

I was screaming when I look inside the box and saw these products because I have acne prone skin and it’s a big problem for me. T.T I always wanted to try the Ultimate Moisturizing Overnight Mask from COSRX because my skin is very dry inside and then it tends to get oily on the outside, if you know what I mean. I also love the spot reducer gel patches from purederm, I used it overnight and I noticed that it slightly reduced the swelling of my pimple.


That’s it guys, you can definitely achieve you’re #koreanskingoals through these products from Watsons.

Disclaimer: Sorry guys, I can’t put all the price list because these products are given to me for free. You could visit any watsons branch if you like to know the price. Mianhaeyo.

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